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Rooms & Rates

Rooms & Rates

The Florence Room  $99

1st Floor

 Private entrance to bathroom available

The Sleeping Porch $59

private entrance  room or can join  with the Florence Room







Gloria Elizabeth Room $89

1st Floor


Florence Room $99

1st Floor  (private bath option add $49, limited availability) Private Entrance Available

Olga Irene Suite $119

2nd Floor  Extra Large Room






















Julia Room $89

2nd Floor























Mabels Kitchen Room $99

2nd Floor

















Cozy Corner Room  $69

2nd Floor (limited availability)


 Located on 3rd Floor

Coffin Coves Penthouse $250 (if renting entire penthouse)

 Cove 1 $69          (rate per cove)

 Cove 2   $69

 Cove 3   $69

 Penthouse Parlor $59

More of the Funeral Home History on 3rd floor

Important! Read Below

Coffin Coves has the most Paranormal activity. One of the beds is even built on the old coffin holders....There is an antique casket and a full size coffin displayed on the 3rd floor. You must sign a release to stay on the 3rd floor. Also you must climb Suicide Staircase to get to the penthouse, so this is not an appropriate area for small children or elderly.  When the Penthouse is in use for a group, the cozy Corner room is also available, so a group of 10 can be accommodated.   (The 3rd floor bathroom is still under construction)

All Rooms are priced for double occupancy, add a roll away for $25(only certain rooms accommodate extra bed)

Full Shared Bath with Shower on 1st floor

Full Shared Bath with Tub & Shower on 2nd Floor

Half Shared Bath on 3rd Floor (under construction)